Turn a Ziploc Bag Box Into a Spice Holder


To some, it may be just a Ziploc Bag, but to a crafty DIYer, it can become so much more! Have you ever tried to keep all of your spices organized in your cabinet or pantry? The small packets fall over and won't stand up straight, they may fall down behind other products, get wrinkled, the possibilities are endless as to what may happen when you try to store a packets of seasonings.

The first step is obviously obtaining an empty Ziploc Bag Box.

You will then cut the top off the box so that it is completely open on top.

Next you will need contact paper, which can be found very inexpensively at any retailer. You will first line the inside of the Ziploc Bag Box with the contact paper.

Then, wrap the Ziploc Bag Box with contact paper on the outside, sort of like how you would a present. Be sure to cut extra contact paper so that you have plenty to wrap the entire Ziploc Bag Box, better to have enough and not be sure.

Now, once the entire box is wrapped inside and outside in the contact paper, and add to your cabinet or pantry. Fill the box with the spices and you are all organized.


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