Never Lose Track of Your Fresh Eggs With This Cute Egg Tracker Idea


What better way to start your mornings other than farm fresh eggs all happy and sunny side up on your table? However, we agree that eggs are tricky little things to keep a track of, especially when you have a continuous supply of them. But here’s a little organizer to take care of your egg woes and it is simple and super effective.

This egg holder comes marked with days of the week so that you can easily organize your eggs and decide which ones you would like to use first. Save the fresher ones for the egg salad or use the others for that cake.

This Wooden egg holder is a tool that will help your kitchen a lot more by organizing all your eggs and helps with collecting all the fresh eggs too. Moreover, it looks great and will only add to your cooking space. This useful tool will also be a great present for someone who owns a farm. A gift that organizes; what more can one ask for.

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Written by knownvalley

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