A Versatile Paper Holder


Are you a school teacher who is looking to organize their classroom? Or, maybe you have a home craft room or office that could use a little organization? Well, the answer to your paper organizational needs could be right in your kitchen, or at a local retail store for just a few dollars.

All you need is a plastic napkin holder which could cost around $1-$2. Purchase as many as you need, if you have different colored paper or different textures, purchase a napkin holder for each category of paper that you may have.

Place the plastic napkin holders on a book shelf or wherever you store paper. Divide the paper, however you like, and place them sideways on the holder and the shelf.


This will make it easier for you to not only organize your paper supply, but also make it even more accessible to you and if you are a teacher, educator, or crafter to the children you may be working with.

Another great idea for creating this is that you will be able to keep track of the various papers and know when to restock them. Also, it will keep your stock of paper nice and neat and free of wrinkles and ready to use!



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