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Unique Cutting Board DIY

Cutting Board Unique DIY

If you have small slabs of walnut wood and you don’t know what to do with it, here is a fun project that you’d surely enjoy making.  A unique chopping board is not that easy to find in stores and with your slab of wood you can make a one of a kind cutting board. Prior to doing all the work you have to do the planning. Decide how big your chopping board would be then you can cut the slabs of wood. When cutting the woods ensure that it is perfectly straight so you won’t have problems with gaps later on.

Next to be done is to apply glue on to the woods to make it stick together. You can use clamps to tighten the bond. This time your board is not as clean and even hence it needs to go through the planer. The planer is used to flatten and reduce the thickness of the board.  Afterwards, the edges need to be trimmed with a cross cut sled to make the edges a lot cleaner.

The next step is making the pattern. Draw your desired pattern on a medium density fiber board. The MDF will serve as your guide when cutting the chopping board. When the board is cut, you need to glue together maple and satine before gluing it sideways following the curved pattern on the board.  If you want to add another groove, use the MDF pattern again then repeat the process with the maple and satine.

After sanding the board and smoothing the edges you can now soak it in mineral oil until you get the dark color you want.

Check it out below…

>> Walnut Cutting Board Project <<

Written by knownvalley

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