This Easy Paper Easter Basket is Perfect For Last Minute

Easy Paper Easter Basket

Handmade paper Easter baskets are a cute yet frugal way to celebrate the holiday.

For this project, you will need five sheets of 8 1/2″ x 11″ paper. This example uses solid colored paper with a pearlescent finish. You can use patterned paper if desired, but keep in mind that both sides of the paper will show in the finished box.

1. Fold your paper in half vertically. Fold in half once more so you have a long, thin rectangle. With the open end of the paper at the bottom, fold the left and right corners up to make two triangle shapes. Fold these corners over towards the center, making creases that run along the vertical lines of the triangles you just created. Unfold the corners.

basket 01

2. Open your paper back to the initial folded in half position. Fold the lower corners up and fold only the top layer of the top corners down. All folds are at a 45 degree angle.

basket 02

3. Fold the top layer of the paper down and gently pull open the pocket you've created. Coax the folds upwards to make the first three sides of your box.

basket 03

4. Bring the remaining edges up. Push out the corners to make two triangle flaps.

basket 04
5.Tuck the triangle flaps into the side pockets of your box. Repeat this process with three more sheets of paper so you have four identical boxes.

basket 05
6. Use double-sided tape to join the boxes together. Make a handle for your Easter basket by cutting a thin vertical strip from the fifth sheet of paper and attaching the ends to the sides of your basket. Fill your basket as desired.

basket 06

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