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She-Sheds: The Newest DIY Shed Trend

Have You Heard of _She-Sheds__

Women, have you ever been envious of your hubby’s Man Cave? Well, you shouldn’t be any longer – because there’s a new trend emerging, and She Sheds are the perfect counterpart to male-only spaces.

Everyone wants a place to get away from everyday life and people around them, if just for one afternoon.

Unfortunately, up until now, there wasn’t a viable alternative to the Man Cave, and most ladies counted themselves lucky if they had a craft room to call their own.

The concept of She Sheds, however, completely changed the game.

See how it was made…

One of the best examples of just how much a She Shed can change your life for the better is a story about Barbara Techel, whose own personal little shed is truly a work of art.

With a contractor husband who works from home, Barbara realized that her dream of being a writer is not going to be fulfilled unless she has her own space, free from noise and interruptions.

Although her husband initially suggested she starts working in the basement, Barbara wanted something more open and closer to the yard.

She sold her car and bought the materials for the shed, (get the DIY shed plans here) and with the help of her husband, built her “Zen writing cottage” in a few weeks.

Now, she spends almost 10 hours a day in her gorgeous She Shed, where she writes, does yoga and enjoys her little piece of heaven.

With minimal investment and labor, she managed to create her personal space that’s functional and beautiful at the same time. Her career as an author was possible precisely because of her She Shed, a place where she could sit back and let the inspiration flow.

The best part about She Sheds is that they can cost barely anything to make, are easy to put together with plans even if you have 0 experience at DIY and still look amazing.

If you have an unused garden shed, you can transform it, with minimal effort, into your ideal getaway cottage. Declutter old stuff lying around, apply some fresh paint and organize the interior to suit your needs.

The magic of She Sheds is that there are no two alike- each woman can personalize their own.

It can be anything you want it to be – a painting studio, a relaxing place to do yoga, a reading nook or a cozy knitting or craft room- there are no limitations. If you don’t happen to have a convenient old shed, you can always build your own from scratch.

Tools store carry ready-to-build kits, as well as materials for building from scratch, if you’re more handy. They’re incredibly easy to make on a budget, and in no time, you can be a proud owner of your own personal She Shed.

Check out the DIY shed plans here: DIY Shed Plans

The whole point of She Sheds is that they’re not some lavish retreats. They are cozy little nooks and cottages that are built with love. The rest should be easy to come by.

Check out your attics and basements for forgotten furniture or browse the thrift stores and garage sales for decorations. Finding things for your She Shed is half the fun – it’s like building a perfect nest for yourself.

As if having a perfect spot for some “me time” wasn’t enough, She Sheds offer so much more than just being an a escape from the everyday ruckus. It’s a way for you to express yourself and allow yourself to grow.

By constructing a personal space, you create space to develop your talents, pursue your passions and indulge your needs.

For far too long, there wasn’t a women’s alternative that offered the possibilities that Man Caves did for men, but it’s not the case anymore. Women are now reclaiming their space.

If you have a hobby that’s important to you, create a She Shed to give yourself the opportunity to enjoy it and develop your skills. If you need a quiet place to drink a glass of wine and read a book in peace, that’s great too.

You can even build a She Shed to be a girls-only retreat, where you can hang out with your girlfriends when you meet. Everybody should have a place where they can completely be at ease with themselves, and She Shed gives you that. Check out the DIY shed plans here: DIY Shed Plans

Don’t go at it by yourself. Encourage other women in your life to start creating personal spaces.

It could be your mom, who always dreamed of her own knitting space, your girlfriends who would more than appreciate the escape from hectic lives or your next door neighbor who is into scrapbooking and could use a space to work in peace.

Spread the word about She Sheds and inspire more women to start building their own space.

Sometimes, a nudge in the right direction is all it takes. And, besides, wouldn’t it be more fun to it together with someone, than by yourself?

Check out the DIY shed plans here: DIY Shed Plans

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