Teen Cashier Buys Cop’s Dessert. When Couple Behind Cop Throws Fit, Teen Never Expects What’s Next


Reality check: The world can be harsh even if what you did was good.

One Texas teen proved this in a difficult personal experience. Zach Randolph, an 18 year-old cashier at Great American Cookies, simply wanted to show generosity to one of his customers. When a cop dropped by to buy some dessert, Randolph offered to pay for it.

So, he took $2.75 from his wallet and made a purchase. He didn't even use the employee discount that he's entitled to.

After the cop left, next customers lined up to the counter and asked Randolph for free desserts. Of course, he can't pay the treat for every customer who's going to ask for it. But when he refused, the man got mad and told him that he's going to get fired.

Adding more insult to injury, Randolph was written up and he was suspended from work for a week. He and his mother couldn't believe how badly he was treated just because he extended generosity to one customer and refused others which is basically his right.

When his mother Tami posted about the incident on her social media account, many people reacted and expressed the hope that Randolph will be treated fairly.

Good thing, the company admitted their mistake and apologized for their unjust actions toward Randolph. His suspension was lifted as well.

We just hope that Randolph and the rest of us will never be discouraged to show kindness to everyone just because of this unpleasant incident. Let's prove that kindness begets kindness.

Tami Kurtz Randolph
Tami Kurtz Randolph




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