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A Simple and Easy Way to Store Your Kid’s Lego Toys

Lego Storage Idea

Parents usually choose toys that can enhance their children's learning abilities, skills and talents. If you'll take a look at the market, there are tons of choices you can find. Some of these enhance verbal-linguistic skills while some aim to train math wizards. There are also toys for sports lovers and some are suitable for young artists. A classic yet very popular toy for kids is the Lego. It sparks creativity and the ability of children to imagine and build things.

Of course, parents feel happy whenever they buy toys as a gift for their kids. However, teaching them how to store these properly and neatly is challenging and a bit stressful. Lego pieces are common culprits for parent-kid arguments. Sometimes, you'll see those lego pieces scattered on the floor. You'll find them under your bed or on the bed itself. Many times, you sit on one missing piece on the couch. Then, your natural reaction was to scream because a bad surprise hurt your butt.

To finally solve this issue, one mom thought of a simple and practical way to store lego pieces. Using three two-feet storage bins and a thick plywood, she made a table where kids can play with their lego toys. The table is exclusive for this purpose and it has lots of storage spaces. This makes it an ideal playing spot and a practical storage space for keeping lego pieces.

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