Research Shows That Traveling Makes Us Far Happier Than Any Material Things


Sophisticated car. Huge stylish home. Trendy outfit. High-tech gadgets. Fashionable shoes. Fancy jewelry. Who wouldn't feel happy purchasing these things? After all, you've worked so hard. Perhaps it's just right to reward yourself. A few lovely things could be nice rewards.

The question is, why do these lovely material possessions don't make us happy for so long? It feels like it's so hard to find contentment the more we acquire material things. You go shopping now. Tomorrow, some eye-catching stuff will grab your attention again. You purchase it. The cycle continues until you've collected countless things that don't make you happy in the long run. You don't even need most of them.

This is because we get used of the things we buy. For example, your favorite clothes today may not be your favorite clothes tomorrow when you see something new and exciting.

So, where else can you spend your money to become more happy in the long run? Research reveals that the answer is travel. Though the level of happiness we get from traveling is equal to the level of happiness we feel when we purchase something, traveling is still better. The memories we get from our travel experiences are priceless. They linger for so long in our mind.

Every time we remember them, we feel joy over and over again. We can't help smiling even when we're alone in a crowd of strangers and doing so seems weird and ridiculous.

We get unique experiences, new friends, and refined skills from traveling. All of these contribute to happiness that stays in our hearts as long as we remember them.

So, after your next payday, save some cash and purchase a ticket to somewhere you've never been. Start collecting memories, save them in your heart, and remember them in your mind. Your reward? The happy hormones!

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