Repurpose Your Old Cookie Tins


Year after year we accumulate holiday cookie tins that end up taking an entire cabinet or spot in the pantry. Even if they are reused the next year, we seem to constantly be given more and after a few years, they look a bit worn and the holiday scene is no longer. So, is there a resolution to this problem? Well, of course there is: Repurpose Those Cookie Tins!

This really is  a simple project and you won't need to be a super DIY type of person to be able to accomplish it!

First though, you will want to clean the tins very well and remove all price stickers and labels. Purchase your favorite color of spray paint and select a large piece of cardboard and go outside. Spray each cookie tin in your desired color.


Once the cookie tins are dry, usually about 24 hours later, you will be able to decorate them! All you will need is a roll (or 2 if you have a lot of cookie tins) of Washi Tape, in a color that will accent the tin color.

Arrange the Washi Tape across the tin both horizontally and vertically to look like a present. After arrange the Washi Tape across the tin, use a knife and cut the tape where the top and bottom match so that you can open the tin.


Use any other embellishments you wish, including bows to make the perfect box!



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