A Modern Transformation of a Vintage Rabbit


Purchasing a car these days will cost you thousands of dollars and for students or those who have a tight budget buying a new ride is never an option. One thing you can do to own a car but not spend too much is customize your own. This will take several months up to a year to complete, but you have the freedom to work on when you have the budget and the time.

The first thing that you need to purchase is a car. Find the cheapest one regardless of how it looks because this will be addressed later on. Bring the car shell into a covered space, preferably your garage it you have lots of extra area.

Thoroughly clean the engine bay or you can remove this part if you are planning to swap it with a different one. Work on the engine bay by evening the surface. Next, inspect the body of the car and check for any dents and repair these. Next, position the engine bay then prime it, including the rear end of the car. Paint the surface first with white then topped with the color you want.

Now that the exterior is finished, the engine and other parts can now be positioned inside the car shell. This is a painstaking process especially when you are dealing with the wirings. Test if engines are working.

You are now ready to work with the interiors like the seats, dash, carpet and other parts.

Check out the transformation:

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