People Share Things That Give Away You’re A Tourist When You Visit Their City


When we’re traveling, we usually want to blend in with the locals as much as possible. It has many advantages when we do our utmost to act naturally when we are new to a place. One is being able to avoid the dangers that come across tourists such as people taking advantage of newcomers instead of helping them. Also, you’ll avoid being laughed at when you do things the wrong way, trying to pretend like you’ve known the place for so long.

Reddit users shared a couple of dead giveaways that you are a tourist.


One user wrote: “It’s not difficult to spot a tourist in Ireland. They’ll start by saying ‘top of the morning’ and how they are part Irish, and by part Irish, they mean their great-great-great-great grandmother once visited Ireland.”

It’s good to take note that locals don’t ever use ‘top of the morning’ to greet each other.


Hong Kong

In Hong Kong, when you carry around a luggage to go shopping and buy as many items as possible, people certainly know that you are a tourist.

Wikimedia Commons-WiNG
Wikimedia Commons/WiNG

San Francisco

“A major indicator of a tourist in San Francisco is those rocking a fleece sweatshirt that says the city name with the bridge on it. This isn’t just because people want a souvenir, it’s mostly because it’s much colder than a lot of tourists thought it would be from what they saw on television”, says Reddit user ‘blsatmcg’.


La Jolla, San Diego

In La Jolla, San Diego, there’s a nearby popular snorkeling place where beautiful fishes, sea lions, and dolphins reside. Locals never dare to touch sea lions knowing that it is illegal to do so. Besides, it can really be dangerous. Breaking this rule obviously says you’re new in the town.



The yearly Stampede is one of the main attractions in Calgary. Tourists coming for Stampede usually buy boots and a cowboy hat, while the locals’ daily wear consists of a ball cap and sneakers.

Calgary Stampede
Calgary Stampede


Top tip: Do some good research before visiting a city. You don’t need to totally disguise as a local. At least, you’ll be able to avoid breaking the rules or being laughed at and taken advantage of.

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