Even building a traditional swimming pool is a big enough undertaking. But a natural pool project takes things a massive step further. As designer pools become more and more popular with people wanting a unique pool design for their home, this natural style swimming pool goes for a more traditional approach and is one that pool builders are making more and more of these days as people are loving the style.

The beauty of these types of natural pool projects is that they actually require very little upkeep, they can be powered entirely by solar power and their unusual design style means that they can be adapted for any kind of yard size as they don't need the traditional rectangular shape.

Swimming pool designers are building these pools so that they don't need any chlorine and they don't need the traditional pool costs. All it needs is several key materials that are actually recyclable and can be gotten on a budget. A special kind of plants are used to keep the pool clean…


The cost efficiency of this pool contributes mainly to the use of solar energy, the absence of any chemicals and very minimal plumbing. A pool filter is one of the main accessories needed to build this natural designer swimming pool option, it isn't the loud, bulky, commercial grade filter system you often see in residential pools, it's a small filter that works in conjunction with recycled materials and is placed below the waters surface to gently create bubbles to further circulate the water.


The swimming area is first dug out to the desired shape and measurements, with flat walls using materials such as cement bricks, wood planks and sandbags prior to placing a pool liner smoothly over and around it. This way of doing things means that you can easily look for other forms of pool remodeling in the future because it's so easy to adapt. The plant area surrounding should be close in size and space to the swimming area, the plants here will serve a major purpose in keeping the swimming area safe and keeping the entire pool in working order.


This pool is completely healthy for not only the swimmers but also the wildlife, plants and animals sharing it. Every detail right down to the filter being large enough to safely pass an adult frog through, is done by working with the laws of nature and as a result enjoying the benefits creatively and financially. With only a handful of supplies and this simple tutorial you can create your very own natural swimming pool that requires very little pool maintenance.

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