For an NFL player Mohamed Sanu, the things he did on flight were nothing extraordinary. What he didn't know though was there's one family intently watching him from behind.

Mohamed Sanu is a wide receiver for the Atlanta Falcons. While on his flight, he didn't waste any time on other random activities. Instead, he was busy preparing for his team's next match by studying the team playbook.

Unlike the less humble athletes who tend to act as if the world owes them everything, Sanu was polite with everyone.

Even in choosing his meals, he showed that he is a role model for promoting a healthy lifestyle. He chose to snack on fruits and juice. This wise choice shows his discipline even though he's not with his team or no coach is watching him.

A 10 year-old boy sitting behind him was impressed by his actions. He was with his family and they are on their way to the young boy's training location. It turns out that he is also an athlete, playing for a hockey team.

The young boy's mom made sure that Sanu would know the positive impact of his actions to her son. So, she wrote a note, handed it to the NFL player, told him to read it later, and simply walked away.

Take a look at the picture below to read what she said.



The note has surely surprised Sanu. Talking about it, he tweeted: “This definitely put a smile on my face … the little things.”



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