They were just playing outside and nothing seemed wrong. The dog seemed gentle to its owner's little girl. But suddenly, the situation changed abruptly. All of a sudden, it threw the toddler across the yard.

Back in 2007, Catherine Svilicic and her family was living in Atherton, Australia. They have a 17 month-old daughter named Charlotte.

Another part of the family is Khan. But he is not Charlotte's brother. He is a Doberman that the family adopted from the Doberinling Boarding Kennels. Kerry Kinder, the owner of this animal pound, rescued Khan from a depressing life of abuse. Its former owner used to beat and starve the Doberman.

Four days since the family has adopted the dog, a shocking incident happened.

While Charlotte and Khan were playing outside, the dog changed its behavior as if focusing on something. He made a few gentle pushes on Charlotte, but the little girl didn't move as the Doberman tried to order her to do.

Because the girl did not submit to the dog's subtle command, it took a seemingly aggressive action, grabbing her by the back of her nappy, and threw her about a meter across the yard.

Van Long Lam

Van Long Lam

Catherine almost concluded that adopting Khan was a bad decision. But she definitely changed her mind when she saw what jumped out from under the house. It was a king brown snake!

It moved so quickly to attack the dog. If Khan delayed the abrupt action he did, Charlotte could have been attacked by one of Australia's most venomous snakes.

Fortunately, Khan received an anti-venom shot in time. So he was able to take full recovery. The family wasn't only thankful to the new member of their family, they loved Khan even more for saving Charlotte's life.


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