How To Make A Ruffled Headboard

20 How To Make A Ruffled Headboard

A ruffled headboard is always beyond dreamy! It has a romantic, soft touch to it that can transform your bedroom like nothing else. If you feel that the place where you sleep is your sanctuary, a space for relaxation and serenity, a feminine, yet not too girly headboard can take your bedroom to the next level. You might not have known this, but a ruffled headboard is not even all that difficult to make. You do need some sewing skills and a bit of fabric, but that is pretty much it. The best part is that this is an extremely budget-friendly project and, if you have some experience with the sewing machine, it can be completed in less than an hour or two. Read on to find out how the ruffled headboard of your dreams can come to life.

Step 1: Gather the materials

The materials are always one of the most important aspects of every project. With ruffled headboards you really don’t need all that much and you can choose from an array of options, depending on your budget and the level of luxuriousness you would like to achieve. It is always best to choose a fabric with which you have worked before, as this would cut out your work for you. The amount of fabric you need would depend on the size of the headboard you would like to make. You also need a curtain rod, a backing, thread, ruler and pencil, scissors.

Step 2: Size up your ruffles

How ruffled your headboard will be, depends primarily on how many pieces of fabric you sew together. After you have the dimensions of your desired headboard, divide its height by an odd number to receive the size of each fabric segment. If you divide by a larger number, such as 11, your headboard is going to be very ruffled and if you divide by a smaller number, such as 5, the ruffled will be more discreet.

Step 3: Mark the backing

You need a random piece of fabric, it can even be muslin, to sew the ruffles to. The backing has to be as large as you want your headboard to be. Once you have decided how many ruffles you will have and have determined their size, you need to make markings on the backing. Is you start sewing randomly, you will likely end up with crooked stitching and uneven ruffles. With a pencil and ruler, draw up a line where each piece of fabric will be sewn.

Step 4: Decorate your ruffles

Now is the time to add any additional decorations to your ruffles. After you have sewn them onto the backing making changes will be much more challenging. You could add a contrasted stitch to the bottom of each ruffle, use fabric paint or perhaps even bedazzle it. The only principle you need to stick to is to is your very own aesthetic.

Step 5: Create the ruffles

To make a ruffled headboard you first need to make ruffles, which is quite a straightforward process. Firstly, you need to adjust the settings on your sewing machine, so that you are using the longest possible stitch and then loosen the top thread a bit. Next, you need to sew two parallel lines at one of the wide edges of each piece of fabric. It is very important that the lines do not cross. When the lines are complete, go to each side of your ruffle-to-be and tie the parallel lines together on both sides. Lastly, pull on one of the sides until the fabric has gathered as much as you would like and tie the knot again, so that your ruffle doesn’t come undone. Repeat with all of your pieces of fabric.

Step 6: Put it all together

Before you attach the ruffles to the backing, make sure you make a rod pocket on your backing. To do that, place the rod near the edge of the backing, with enough fabric to fold over the rod. Once you have folded, draw a straight line with your pencil and the ruler – this is where you want to make a regular straight stitch for the rod. Next, sew each ruffle to the backing on the pencil marks you created in Step 3.

You gorgeous ruffled headboard is done! All that is left to do is hang it and enjoy the dreamy, feminine sanctuary you have created.




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