How To Make A Pipe Laundry Sorter

15 How To Make A Pipe Laundry Sorter

Laundry can be a mess even in the most well-organized homes. Whether you are fashion forward or prefer to stick to the basics, there are always garments that need special attention and, if you have ever had to do the laundry in a hurry, you have probably encountered the occasional shrunken cashmere knit or crisp white shirt turned baby pink. This type of mix up is hardly pleasant, especially if some favorite pieces from your wardrobe have fallen prey to a laundry mishap. Besides, when a few people are living under the same roof, sorting everyone’s laundry can be challenging at best. So, if you don’t want your dirty laundry out and about, looking as though a bomb has went off in the house, a DIY pipe laundry sorter can be the perfect solution. Here is how to fashion one.

Step 1: To make a three-section sorter, firstly, you will need to gather the following supplies:

– PVC pipes, preferably 1-inch

– A hacksaw

– Sandpaper

– Measuring tape

– 4 3-way and 8 4-way elbows

– Strong glue

– Bags to put the laundry in

Step 2: You will need to do quite a bit of pipe cutting to create your laundry sorter. Use the hacksaw and then the sandpaper, to smooth out the edges of the pipes you have cut. Cut the following pieces:

– 12 sections, 1-foot long

– 8 sections, 16-inch long

– 8 sections, 2-foot long

If you have more pipe than necessary, you are doing yourself a huge favor, because this way you would have some room for mistakes and you would also be able to easily repair your sorter if a piece becomes damaged.

Step 3: Now that you have your laundry sorter pieces in place, you should assemble them, without using any adhesive, to see how the entire thing looks together. This way, if necessary, you would be able to make any changes early on and will thus simplify your work considerably. To begin assembling, take a 1-foot long section and place it in the straight part of a 4-way elbow, add another elbow and another 1-foot section. On each side, add a 3-way elbow and make four constructions like this. Those are your long sides.

Step 4: To create the vertical portion of your laundry sorter, lay down half of what you have assembles so far, so that the elbow openings are facing in the same direction. Place a 16-inch section into both 3-way elbows and another two 16-inch section in both middle 4-way elbows.

Step 5: Make sure that the unused elbow outlets are all pointing down – you will be needing them for your sorter’s legs. Then you can move on to the other side of the sorter. To create the top long side of the laundry sorter, attach the rest of the sides you assembled in Step 3, to 16-inch sections, so that they mirror the process on the bottom.

Step 6: Now that you have the frame of your laundry sorter, you need to add the legs. If you would simplify things, you could leave the legs out of the whole thing, but remember that they are a nifty thing to have, in case there is a minor flood in your laundry room, as you probably don’t want to deal with the mess that could create out of your dirty laundry. Inserting the legs is quite simple – all you need to do is place the 2-foot sections in the remaining 8 4-way elbows.

Step 7: Once your sorter has been assembled, you can apply glue to the joints, if you want to make sure that everything holds really well. This step is not absolutely necessary, as the elbows tend to hold their weight pretty well, but if you are planning on placing heavier garments in the sorter, adding some glue might come in handy, though it will be more difficult to replace parts.

Step 8: Your laundry sorter is almost ready, only one thing left to do – attach the bags. You could either purchase regular laundry bags or test your sewing skills and create something more creative. Either way your bags would need to have handles, so you can attach them to the sorter. To do that, remove a 16-inch section from each of the three frames and slide a bag in, then place the section back. Repeat the process so as to have bag in each frame.

Happy laundering!


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