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How To Make A Cute Christmas Dog Hat

Christmas is just around the corner.  It is important to enjoy the holidays together with our family, and that includes our pets.  Dog, being the most common household animal is the perfect model for this Holiday Hat.  Let’s create this hat to make them more adorable this coming holiday.


Step 1:  doghat photo 1 (1)  Gather all the materials needed from the list below:

  • 1 piece red felt
  • 1 piece green felt (16cm x 8cm)
  • Sewing pins
  • Measuring tape
  • Green and red sewing thread
  • White pompoms
  • Scissors
  • Sewing needle


Step 2:  doghat photo 2 (1)  Using a measuring tape, get the diameter of your dog’s head.  Try to be patient, especially when your dog is not behaving.  Patience will give you the right measurements.


Step 3:  doghat photo 3 (1)  Using your dog’s measurements, cut two identical triangles in the red felt.


Step 4:  doghat photo 4 (1)Align the two red triangle felt and sew it using a running stitch.  This will be the wrong side.


Step 5:  doghat photo 5 (1)  Turn the cap on the right side.


Step 6:  doghat photo 6 (1)  Cut the green felt into two lengthwise, making it 4 cm. in width.


Step 7:  doghat photo 7 (1)  Align the green felt on the bottom part of the red triangle.  Cut the excess if there is any.


Step 8:   doghat photo 8 (1) Cut a slant that aligns with the shape of the red triangle on both sides of the green felt.


Step 9:  doghat photo 9 (1) Pin the green felt on the bottom of the red felt.


Step 10:  doghat photo 10 (1)Fix the green felt to the red bottom felt by sewing it using a running stitch.


Step 11: doghat photo 11 (1)  Remove all the pins.


Step 12:  doghat photo 12 (1)  Sew the white pompoms on the tip of the hat.  For durability, do a double sew for this.


Step 13:  doghat photo 13 (1) Try your hat on your pet dog.


Step 14: doghat photo 14 (1)  Tada! You now have a cute holiday dog hat.


If your dog is well-trained, you can just leave it as it is.  But if you want to fix this permanently to your dog, you can also place a black garter on the hat, this will make the hat stable on your dog’s head.  This holiday hat will make your pet dogs more adorable than ever!

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