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A Little Girl Asked Daddy To Dance, Now The Video Is Going Viral

This isn’t something that we see every day anymore. The video of this daddy and daughter dance has gone viral. This is what happened:

The girl, 12 year old Austynn Samarco have dancing experience since she was two years old. She loves hip hop and dance like a pro. In the video she asked her father, Josh, to dance with her. Even if she didn’t think that he would, he did.

This father and daughter duo starts with them facing each other. The father dressed in cowboy clothes, and the daughter dressed like a typical 12 year old. With a t-shirt and shorts. Just as the music starts, he is flipping her over his shoulder as if she is weighing nothing. But, this isn’t where it stops.

This is actually where the whole dance is starting and where they start dancing and showing off their talent. This is also where the shock is coming in that the dad can actually dance just as good as the daughter. And, that they are making a great dancing do. First, she is in front, then they switched and the dad is dancing in the front, but still in perfect harmony. They end the whole dancing routine with the famous pose of the movie Charlie’s Angels.

This video goes viral, not just because the father surprised everyone in actually also has some dance talent, but because of the harmony that the father and daughter have danced. This is a great video that shows the relationship that the father and daughter have with each other, and how they enjoy dancing together and making sure that she is doing her favorite hip hop dances together. This shows that even with all the technology that we have and the busy lifestyles that parents have, there can be still some time left for having fun and enjoying a good dance. And, during this dance, the relationship between a daughter and her daddy just got stronger.

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