It Turns Out We’ve Been Using Lemon Juicers Wrong This While Time


Because of its wide range of health benefits, we are so fond of lemon. We squeeze out its juice to make a cool, refreshing lemonade on warm summer days. It adds a sweet scent and unique citrusy flavor in many dishes and desserts, too.

The importance of lemon as a versatile ingredient is obviously the reason why lemon juicers exist. Basically, you cut the lemon in half. You put the halved lemon into the juicer with the back of its skin facing upward, then press down the juicer with all your might. Well, yes, you squeeze out everything. Almost everything.



Why almost? Because, there's actually a better way to do it. This technique won't just maximize the force and effort you exerted, it will also maximize the juice you get from the fruit.

So, how do you actually do it?


The secret is by cutting the bottom part of the lemon, or any other citrus fruit for that matter. As you press down the fruit, the convex structure of the juicer will mash its pulp, releasing all the juices as much as possible that you can get.


This technique works not just with a lemon juicer but also with any other object that has a convex structure. So, you can find a makeshift juicer if you don't have one. Just make sure it can press down the fruit, mash its pulp and release its juices.

Diet of Life

In this kind of economy, we surely want to make the most of every purchase. That includes lemon. And its juice.

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