A Less Expensive Way of Having a Personalized Floatie

Pool Noodle Flower Float

Almost every kid loves swimming. While some aren't brave enough to try learning some swimming strokes, every kid loves the water. Spending a day at the beach or pool may not literally mean that we know how to swim. But, swimming can mean a lot such as taking a dip in the cool water, or playing fun water games. For some, it's simply splashing around with your friends and riding your floatie.

Speaking of floaties, there's this growing trend of Instagram-worthy floatie designs going on. Popular designs include giant swan floats, donut floats, watermelon, and even flip-flops. These are really pretty cool! Since they are so picture-perfect, cute floaties really make a good props for your summer photo op.

But buying a collection of cute floaties can be quite pricey. You don't have to worry though. If you're on a tight budget right now, you can still be summer-ready with just a few bucks and creativity. How? By making your own floatie!

Some materials you'll need are pool noodles, zip ties, and paracord. Using these, you can come up with a flower design float. Pool noodles are widely used for learning how to swim or when you simply want to float in the water. So, it's a really good material to use for making personalized floaties.

With your pool noodle flower float, you'll be ready for a backyard pool party in no time.

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