How to Make a DIY Shoe Box Charging Station

How to Make a DIY Shoe Box Charging Station

Every household today have electronic devices that need to be charged every now and then. This shoe box charging station will be useful in our homes. This will keep our chargers and gadgets in order.

To make this charging station you need the following:

  • Shoe box

  • Wrapping paper with fun design

  • Metal grommets

  • Paper glue

  • Pencil

  • Glue gun

  • X-acto knife

First cover the entire box with the wrapping paper. Place adequate amount of glue on the paper so it will stick securely to the box. Also wrap the shoe box cover with wrapping paper. Next, trace the shape of the metal grommets at the side of the shoe box using a pencil (you should be able to trace 3 circles). Make another circle at one side of the box. There should be uniform distance from one marking to the other. Use the knife to cut out the circular marking on the box. Attach the metal grommets on the holes in front and at the side of the box.

Now you are ready to put the wires in place. Put an extension wire with several outlets inside the box then pull the extension wire cord through the hole at the side.

When your charging station is not in use, remember to unplug the extension cord to prevent overheating.

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