It will come as no surprise that almost everyone you know probably owns a smartphone, and some, perhaps even most of those smartphones are usually iPhones, one of the most popular smartphones there is out there.

With these smartphones always innovating, changing and upgrading, it seems there is always something new to learn about them.

You may have noticed a tiny hole next to the camera of your phone and may not know the purpose of this hole.

Over the past few months, people have been speculating on what exactly the hole could be. Some people argue that it is a light while others counter that the tiny hole is actually a microphone.

Take a quick look at your phone and you will find on the back of it a tiny hole between the camera lens and the flash.

Some people went as far as to speculate that the hole is actually a reset button that you press to restart the phone.

But, really, it's not a reset button so please try not to poke it. This hole is actually a microphone, but not just any ordinary microphone.

This microphone helps to receive the audio in a more accurate manner from another angle while blocking out the outside noise. Apple has been focusing on improving its audio with the phones, and they have added some new features to their iPhones.

Apple has been all about focusing on improving their phones as well as the audio with it, and adding this feature surely helps the iPhones.

So to recap what we have learned, the bottom microphone is used for talking, and the back is used for noise cancellation but the top front and top back microphones aren’t just for noise cancellation. These microphones also help make audio clearer when recording videos like when you are using Snapchat or chatting with Siri.

Thanks to these two extra mics, picking up audio easily despite being far away has been no problem so far and has, in fact, made things a whole lot easier.

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