Here’s a Smart Way of Adding Some Lights to a Dark Hallway that Doesn’t Have a Window

Long Dark Hallway Needed Some lights

Describe a long hallway with just plain walls and doors. There's not even a window at the rearmost end. Yes, you're probably thinking the right word right now. Boring. That's how you'll easily describe this long, dark hallway. But, is there any way to make it better?

If you're facing the same situation, there's definitely a smart and easy solution. And you can do it all by yourself just like what one homeowner did to her long, dark hallway. She did a cool solution, adding a fake window at the hallway's rearmost end. But, that's not all. Still, she needed to do something else to make the area brighter. Of course, a fake window alone doesn't do the trick because no natural light comes through it.

So what did she do? Well, she recycled an old window. She sprayed its backside with Rust-Oleum Frosted Glass so nobody but her would notice that it's fake after all. Then, she installed an LED strip lighting at the back side of the window's wood frame. She connected the lights with a timer that would switch it on during the day. Finally, she placed it on the rearmost end of the hallway. The cute valance she added makes it look even more realistic.

The result is awesome! When the lights are turned on, the window really looks like a real one. The light that comes through it also looks like a natural sunlight. You'll surely love copying this project.

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Written by knownvalley

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