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Here’s How to Make Lovely Flower Crowns with Your Laundry Basket

Laundry basket for making wreaths

Did you seriously say that you can make lovely flower crowns using laundry baskets? Yup, you read that right. Of course, you'll need a laundry basket that isn't too big and has a rounded base. Before we talk about this DIY project, let's get to know first the flower crown trend going on right now.

These days, you'll usually see bridesmaids or the bride herself wearing a flower crown at a beach or garden wedding. It became so popular that everyone wanted a flower crown on her wedding day!

It's also part of the many pictorial sessions. For girl models, it creates a fresh, sweet, cheerful, and innocent vibe. This makes photos more stunning and interesting.

But, wait. Head to a nearby accessory shop and you'll see those assorted flower crowns as a bit pricey. If you'll buy only one, you don't have other choices for your creative projects and events. On the other hand, you'll probably think twice about purchasing assorted pieces as it may exceed your budget.

The best you can do is to make the most of the natural materials from your garden. You can collect things such as little branches, twigs, leaves, and flowers. Baby's-breath flowers are very versatile flowers that make a lovely flower crown.

After you've collected all your materials, you can cut the rounded base of your small laundry basket and use it as a makeshift flower crown maker. Clever, right?

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