Here’s Why You Get Those Red Bumps On Your Arms


Have you ever experienced the so-called ‘chicken skin'? It happens when tiny red bumps appear on your skin, looking like permanent goosebumps. This condition is called keratosis pelaris. It's a common, noncontagious skin disorder affecting a large number of individuals worldwide. Usually, keratosis pelaris affects the back of the upper arms and thighs.

Some forms of this condition can affect the area around the eyebrows, face, and scalp. Some of its worse cases affect the entire body, which has some genetic reason behind it. The root cause of this problem is the excess keratin in the skin's hair follicles.


Keratin thickens the outer surface of the skin. When there's too much of it than the ideal amount, it blocks the hair follicles with a thick and rough skin. Because of this, pores widen and ‘chicken skin' appears.


Unfortunately, dermatologists have not yet found a treatment for this skin disorder. However, studies show that it gradually fades away as you get older. Some individuals reportedly got rid of this condition when they reached the age of 25.

Although there's no cure for it, there are some practical ways you can do to improve the appearance of your skin. One is by using soap-free skin cleansers. Also, moisturize frequently as part of your skincare routine.


It's not easy when you experience certain skin disorders. It causes discomfort, annoyance, and stress. As a result, you can feel less confident about yourself. But with the right skincare and lifestyle, you can achieve a better skin health. So, start a good routine now.



Written by knownvalley

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