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These Gorgeous Bed Frame Ideas Are Perfect For Any Home

If you are searching for a modern, elegant look for your bedroom, then this dark walnut-wood Fire Brand Custom design is sure to satisfy your needs.

A sturdy base with a heavy-look exterior makes the bed demand attention, while the graceful crisscross design adds flair to the overall feel of the bed.

The most unique aspect about this design is the headboard which, unlike normal designs, is not attached to the bed but is separately hung on the wall which gives out a clean, organized and elegant look – now that is something you don’t get to see every day.

With a design aimed at keeping the wood’s natural shape and texture intact, this Walnut and Elm burl live edge slab bed by Corey Morgan is perfect for those who want to add a stylishly rough look to their bedroom.

The Walnut wood slabs on which the Elm burl slabs stand, provide the structure needed to give off a sophisticated and tidy look, while the Elm burls maintain the roughness required to make this design different from the rest.

This low-lying bed is compact and doesn’t take up much space, while it would go perfectly well with a wooden-themed bedroom.

A Harijs Stradins design, this would be a perfect collectible item for anyone who craves the beauty and spontaneity of nature.

A master in designing naturally growing wood shapes, Stradins gives form and structure to the most irregular of designs, making this particular bed the perfect addition to your bedroom.

The natural curves and raw movement of the wood adds a whole new dimension to this design’s splendor and sends out the message of uniqueness very boldly.

While some might be irked by the irregularities this design seeks to preserve, for others it just might be the perfect embodiment of their naturalist ideologies.

The majestic simplicity and grandeur of this Bjorling & Grant bed is sure to add that wow factor to your room. Bjorling & Grant, renowned for specializing in making furniture from ‘reclaimed, salvaged or sustainably-soured wood’, believe in keeping the raw beauty of wood intact and that is precisely the most striking feature of this bed.

The simple finish and the natural aura this bed gives off makes it THE thing to have in your bedroom, while the way the nightstands have been set up – attached to the headboard – flaunts off the creative side of the designers.

Simple, elegant, graceful and grand; if that’s what you want your bedroom to feel then this bed is a must-have!

Interested in adding a unique, forest-y touch to your bedroom? Then this one-of-a-kind Gareth Jones design is just for you. Jones has a knack for creating furniture which goes beyond the ordinary, and this bed frame is testament to that statement.

The exceptional style of this design preserves the natural beauty of the wood in use all the while managing to keep the artistic element intact.

The most unique feature of this design is the way the carved wood complements the overall feel of the design, while the way the corners have been placed is truly remarkable. A fine piece of art this is and is sure to give a gorgeous look to your bedroom.

Sturdy, well-built and of impeccable design, this rustic Woodland Creek bed is simply stunning!

Just by looking it, you are able to feel the natural beauty and elegance of this style, while the combination of color and nature-inspired texture is truly remarkable.

The naturally rugged overall feel of the bed makes it a must-have for your bedroom, while Woodland Creek craftsmanship guarantees the highest quality.

If you want your room to radiate magnificence, then this is the design you have to have!

Another rustic masterpiece, this Alvian Drebot bed design speaks for itself. Crafted to perfection and incorporating a modern, yet classic, look, this bed has all the right traits to make your bedroom look grand.

The most striking feature is the majestic color tone, while the graceful flowing patterns just add to the overall beauty of the design.

The attention to detail and varying shades of color on the headboard displays the sheer brilliance of the craftsman, while the elegant curves on the foot and sides of the bed truly make it a piece of art.

This marvelous rustic Rob Elliot hovering-bed design is sure to turn a lot of heads.

Elliot, a master craftsman who only makes furniture from trees which have died a natural death, incorporates a narrow, yet solid base, to give off an illusion that the bed is hovering mid-air; he then perfectly utilizes the natural color and beauty of the Elm wood to create a bedding masterpiece.

The way the nightstands sit in the headboard’s embrace ensures the bed looks luxurious, while the blunted edges and smooth curves add that bit of style needed to appease the eyes.

Simple, compact and minimalistic in nature, this Milo Dullum bed design is sure to make even the smallest of rooms look grand.

The low-lying sturdy design makes it highly robust, while the simple, yet unique, grass-field art on the headboard and footboard gives a sense of uniformity to the overall design.

The color setting is quite remarkable with dark wood being used in the background to highlight the grass blades, while the fact that both the headboard and footboard are of the same size – that’s quite rare – adds a unique element to the overall design.

Utilizing the extremely unique natural patterns and color variations of Juniper slabs, this Desert Wood Designs-crafted rustic bed design is quite the catch.

The wild, raw movement of the wood is perfectly captured in this design, while the glossy look adds splendor to the overall feel of the bed.

Compact in nature, eye-catching in design and sturdy in built, this bed will be a valuable addition to your bedroom and has the ability to go with almost any setting.

Need something simple, elegant and eye-catching for your bedroom furniture?

Then this Woodland Scotland bed design is just for you. Crafted out of Scotland wildwood, the artist – or craftsman as he likes to call himself – Robin Runciman, makes each piece of wood goes through a lengthy curing process to ensure it does not lose its natural beauty, all the while coming up with creative ideas of making perfect bedroom furniture.

The unique texture of Scottish wood makes the bed design extremely pleasing on the eye, while excellent craftsmanship adds the wow-factor to the overall feel of the bed.

Simply a bedding masterpiece, this graceful design is the perfect match for people who have in their minds a modern look for their bedroom.

As far as craftsmanship is concerned, there is nothing exceptionally outstanding about this design and that is exactly what makes it such a great piece of bedroom furniture.

It simply uses dark wood slabs to add beauty to the overall design while the lamps on the edges of the headboard add that fancy touch needed to make this bed frame stand out.

There is not much extravagance on show here, only the simplest way of coming up with a piece of art.

There are these awesome bed designs in movies which have white sheets covering all sides of the bed and light comes in from all four sides making it look so mesmerizing, and the thought always crosses our minds that how cool it would be if we had this bed design for our own bedrooms.

Well, the days of just thinking are over!

This exquisite bed design is perfect for those who want to have the honeymoon experience in their own rooms every day – imagine what your significant other’s reaction would be when she sees this piece of art in your room.

Using the natural texture and shape of the wood to give off the perfect look and then adding a structure on top with curtains to make it look all the more heavenly, this design is sure to give off the dreamy feel all of us crave for our bedrooms.

Don’t have a lot of space in your room for closets because the bed is taking up too much space?

Well, worry no more as this bed design is sure to solve all those problems.

Utilizing the base of the bed, which goes to waste most of the time, this bed design comes with an in-built cupboard for all your closet needs.

In addition to having ample space to fit all your clothing – assuming you are normal and don’t have an unlimited supply of clothes – it even has small compartments which can house your comforters and bedsheets.

In spite of having all these drawers on the front and side of the bed, the fact that the design is able to maintain its beauty makes it all the more extraordinary. Surely a must-have for people who prefer to live the smart way.

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