Some Goodbye Cakes That Are Absolutely Hilarious


Leaving people behind, those you've spent many good times with is never easy. But it's not just you who feels a bit sad about the change. It can also be so challenging for the people who were left behind.

This can be true in your job. If you've worked in that company for many years, it's just normal that you've grown closer to the team you worked with. You've achieved milestones and solved problems together. Before you officially move somewhere else, your workmates will usually throw you a send-off party. Besides you, cake is also a star of the occasion, especially when the message on it is so witty.

Here we've found some of the most hilarious goodbye cakes.

We Hope You Fail Cake

The Daily Quicky 1
The Daily Quicky

Instead of wishing their former co-worker all the best in his new venture, they say, “We hope you fail.” It actually means, “We want you here, so don't leave. You belong here.” How sweet!

Character Reference Cake

The Daily Quicky 5
The Daily Quicky

This one's so creative, and yes, the cake says a lot about the person it's given to. He has been an important part of the company that he deserves to be treated this special.

We're Not Even Close Cake

The Daily Quicky 6
The Daily Quicky

It feels like the cake was bought out of compulsion. But, no worries, they didn't really forget you. They just feel too hurt that you're going to leave them.

The Passive Aggressive Cake

The Daily Quicky 7
The Daily Quicky

When you can't stop someone from leaving, all you're left to say is, “Fine. Go.” *Insert cold tone* But, wait! There's actually a line that says, “We'll miss you.”

“Haven't You Left Yet?”

The Daily Quicky 9
The Daily Quicky

The pain you've caused is too much to bear, so you better leave soon. How sad.

No matter how they say it, one thing's for sure. You've become a huge part of the team. They will surely miss you a lot. Out of all the witty words and the creative ways, that's the main message they wanted you to know.


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