Give Your Little Girl Her Own Treasure Owl

treasure owl

Little girls have a lot of little bric-a-brac and mementos that they like to keep close.  From sweet notes, bead necklaces, bangles and cute pins, your baby’s treasures deserve a place of honor among her things.  Why not give her a cute little guardian for her keepsakes? This little owl will surely keep your daughter’s precious knick-knacks safe and within reach.

Start by choosing fabric with coordinating patterns and colors.  Cotton and toweling are soft and washable, while felt is easy to sew and work with.  While pink is obviously every little girl’s favorite color, you can also try other hues such as purples and light blues. Try experimenting with various patterns as well such as paisleys, plaids, polka dots and stripes.

Cut your fabric according to the pattern and sew the owl’s body together leaving the base still open. Sew on a little pocket for your little girl’s keepsakes at the center of the owl’s body. Push the polyester stuffing in and sew the base securely closed.

Of course owls are characterized by their big eyes, so stitch together the owl’s peepers out of large buttons and circular fabric.  Afterwards, make a pair of wings that can flap over the pocket then stitch them on the owl’s body.  Add other details such as the owl’s nose and feet. You can even give the owl a little ribbon to match one of your little girl’s hair ribbons.

Prop the little bird on your daughter’s vanity or desk and tell her to put her precious treasures in the owl’s pocket for safekeeping.

This plush owl toy will make a great gift for every little girl.  Why not make more for your daughter’s friends so they can all have their little owl friends to keep their little treasures.

>> Give Your Little Girl Her Own Treasure Owl <<

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