A Fun And Exciting Car Keys Replacement

Lost My Car Keys

Car keys almost have the same appearance which can sometimes make it look boring and unnoticeable. If you want for your car to look as if it has been stolen, just for fun or as a joke, this great car key replacement idea can do the trick.

To create a screw driver key you need the following:

– Car key
– Old screw driver
– Grinder
– Soldering machine
– Metal cutter

Get the screw driver and cut leaving about an inch or 25mm metal from the shaft. Position the cut screw driver vertically with the metal portion up. Create a slot of about ¼’-3/8’ deep then contour the edge using a grinder.

Get a copy of your car key and place it inside the ignition. By doing this, you will know how deep it goes inside so you make a marking and this is where you will cut.

Use the metal cutter in cutting the key. Make the end of the key thin to make it fit though the slot you have made on the tip of the screwdriver. Ensure that the key fits snugly in between the opening.

Get a soldering machine and use it to connect the key to the screwdriver. If edges are not as smooth as you want it to be, use a sandpaper on the joint until you get the smoothness that you want.


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