Four Ways To Wrap With Kraft Paper

Four Ways To Wrap With Kraft Paper

Let’s face it, a nicely wrapped gift is almost as good as what’s inside, almost. Kraft paper can be customized to fit just about any occasion and what better time to pull out the Kraft paper than to embrace the sparkle of the Christmas season.



Use festive stamp patterns and white, dark red, gold or dark green ink to decorate your paper. Secure a tag with twine or festive ribbons.  We also like the idea of stamping the person’s name directly on to the paper instead of using a tag.

Candy On Top

Secure a favorite candy with ribbon or twine on top of your gift for an added sweet treat. Or, add two candy cane with a sprig of Christmas holly or ivy in the middle.


Print a favorite Christmas carol, fold and secure with twine to your gift. Thread a button or two through your twine for an extra effective.

Washi Taped

Use a few different festive patterns and tape to the end or middle of your present. You can also add the initial of the person you’re giving the present to.


BONUS! Two more creative ideas.

Picture It!

Secure a picture of you and the recipient on ribbon and add to the front of your package. Don’t have a picture? Try using a snowy postcard instead.

Star Dazed

Cut stars out of red or green paint strips and paste onto your gift. You can choose whatever direction you like, but we like the idea of using the lighter colors on the bottom.
Nothing beats a present given with love but, these clever wrappings will make not just your present the talk of the season. 😉

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