This Flawlessly Detailed Tiny Replica of Seinfeld’s Apartment Can Be Yours

A fan of Seinfeld? Well, we’ve got the best news for you! You can now own one of the most iconic apartments seen on television history. Well, not the actual apartment but a miniature version and that’s not too bad either, right?

A tiny replica of the Seinfeld apartment was created on a scale of 1:26 and measures 16 inches. The replica includes everything from a living room, the kitchen, the iconic couch and even a tiny door. A total of 100 elements are part of the replica, such as cups, plates and an Apple Macintosh. Wood, metal, plastic and diverse kinds of fabrics have gone into the making of this miniature model.

You can now have the replica from the legendary American sitcom right in your office or home and revisit your favorite moments with your friends and family. Time for a binge watching session, we say! Follow the link to order your own little Seinfeld and keep the good old pop culture alive.

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