Having sons to carry the family name in the next generations is important in many families. But for the Settle family, it was a little too much already. They yearn for a new girl in the family, aside from the mom of course.

The chain of male-only children has been around for four generations already in the Settle clan. Will and Kelen Settle themselves already have three sons. So when Kelen got pregnant for the fourth time, she never expected that the baby would be a girl.

During the baby's gender reveal occasion, their friends gave them a surprise box. When Kelen opened it, pink balloons floated out and she was left there speechless. Finally, the all-boys tradition took a break!

The couple though has decided to name their daughter “Carter”, a unique strong name for a baby girl which even sounds masculine.



After a few days since Carter's birth, a coworker called Will to check out another surprise waiting for him on the highway. The owner of Marlin Outdoor Advertising, the company he's working at as the director of sales, told him that the surprise was placed between Bluffton and Savannah.

So, Will drove away and headed to the place. When he arrived, he can't believe what he was seeing. It was a giant pink billboard with his baby girl's picture on it. It reads: “Welcome to the world Carter Louise Settle.”

For the first time in four generations, a baby girl was born in the Settle clan. This is indeed very special. Carter will always be a unique girl.


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