Anyone could be easily impressed by Dwayne ‘The Rock' Johnson's massive collection of muscles. At times, you probably thought that it's too good to be true. His heavy, muscular build could be definitely intimidating, too.



Nevertheless, a man named Mark Webster didn't get intimidated by The Rock's body. It challenged and inspired him instead. This led him to starting a lifestyle that follows the strict diet and fitness routine of the well-known wrestler.

mark webster1

Mark Webster

According to Webster, he doesn't try to look exactly like Dwayne Johnson. He just wanted to see if he can exert the same amount of discipline and follow the same routine.



So, Webster ended up spending $1,262 on food alone, around $42 per day. He also took some time preparing his well-planned meals every other day.

mark webster5

Mark Webster

Meanwhile, he imitated Johnson's hour of cardio and 90 minutes of weight training for six days a week.

mark webster9

Mark Webster

As a result, Webster gained a solid amount of muscle mass as well as enhanced strength. On top of that, he felt fit and healthier. He no longer feel the different aches and pains he used to have in his body. His heart rate improved, too. Webster says he feels fantastic.

mark webster8

Mark Webster

Dwayne Johnson noticed what effort Webster was doing and he was impressed.

He wrote: “Impressed by this discipline. Harder than one would think. It ain’t cheap or easy to do.”

Johnson paid his respects to Webster. On the other hand, the challenge gave Webster more respect for Johnson. He said that he was absolutely amazed by the wrestler's discipline.


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