Every Summer Try Nailing a Bag Of Water To Your Door Frame

water in bag

Almost all of us love summer. Nice weather, a time for cook outs, camping and fun in the sun with family. But there's another side to summer that NONE of us love – and it has to do with the critters, the bugs and the flies that are hell bent on ruining our fun.

Yes, there are lots of products that you can get at the store to help rid our lives of these insects and keep them at bay – but many of them aren't really effective or they're just expensive when you have to use them a lot.

But today, you'll learn how a guy that submitted this idea to us nails a bag of water to his door each and every summer. You can do it with any old see-through bag that can hold water and all you need to go along with some lemon juice, salt and pennies.

To get started just put 2 ½ cups of water into a bowl and add a good amount of salt and lemon juice. Throw in a few pennies and tie up the bag. That's it.

Apparently, the reflections that this causes means that it causes flies to be unable to focus and so they throw away. Many people swear by it. Have you tried it yet?

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Written by knownvalley

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