An Easy Cornucopia That Is A Great Family Activity!


The Holiday Time is the perfect opportunity to make crafts yourself or with the whole family. It's perfect to have the kids help make their own crafts and get into the holiday spirit and it could all quickly become a tradition for the entire family. These Edible Cornucopias are a great holiday treat and easy to make for the adults and the children!

You will first need Candy Corns, Ice Cream Cones and Reese's Pieces or other type of candy that you would feel would add to your Cornucopia Project.

The next step you will take is to get the ice cream cones to be in the shape of a Cornucopia. Line the cones on a microwaveable dish and then use a wet paper towel, just damp, not soaking wet. Place the wet paper towel on the pointed ends of the cones and microwave for about 20-30 seconds.

After the cones come out of the microwave and the cones are warm and soft, take a skewer or even a lollipop stick and roll the end of the cone to make it look like a cornucopia. This should be done rather quickly after the cones come out of the microwave because they will need to be warm to do it correctly.

Next, you will fill the cones, or Cornucopias with the candy treats that you have selected. If you are going to present them as treats, place them in a plastic bag and tie with a ribbon and make a bow!


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