Aunty Acid

Have you ever experienced being sedated before a painful treatment such as a major operation? Or, perhaps, have you seen someone reacting weird, insane, or violent after waking up from anesthesia? Don’t judge yet.

Just like any other drug, anesthesia has its own effects which can be totally absurd and funny. Be assured however that anesthesia doesn’t make people crazy for real when it’s administered right. We don’t make fun of people having to undergo operations. It’s totally serious. But you just can’t help laughing when you have to deal with their temporary weirdness.

Who Let the Fart Out?

A man who has undergone colonoscopy fell asleep in a lounge chair in recovery. When he rolled over, a fart like no other was uncontrollably released. Realizing what has just occurred, he asked the nurse, “Was that me?” Feeling a little awkward, the nurse nodded. Then, the man went back to sleep like nothing happened.



“I am Worcestershir Sauce, I Mean Shark”

After her eye surgery, the nurse asked the 14 year-old girl if she could remember her name. “My name…is Worcestershire Sauce”, the patient replied. “No, wait… that’s not a cool name. My name… is Shark!”


The Sun

He Fell In Love with His Nurse

One big hairy patient confessed his love for his nurse, whom he never met before. He even wanted to kiss her as if she’s his girlfriend.

Hospital Room Turned Into Nazi Prison Camp

A Second World War veteran mistook his hospital room for a Nazi prisoner camp. When a nurse came in, he commanded his great grandson who was also in his room: “Kill her. NOW!” Shocked, the nurse left and came back with a male nurse after the incident.


The Creative Adult

Imagine being a nurse or a doctor who has to deal with this everyday.

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