DIY Trick: How to Prevent Damage to Your Earphones

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Earphones are essential accessories to our phones but we don’t give this piece of item its needed care. Most of us just stash our earphones in our bags and later on find out that it’s tangled and you end up having a hard time untangling it. To prevent damage to your phone accessory you should learn this trick on how you can properly wrap your earbud headphones.

With your palm facing you, tuck your 3rd and 4th fingers while extending the pointer and the pinky finger. This is also known as the spider man pose. Hold the earbuds between your pointer finger and thumb. Next, wrap the cable around your 5th and 2nd finger. Ensure that the wire is wrapped tightly. Continue doing this until you only have about 6-8 inches of cable left. Then, wrap the remaining cable at the middle of the loop several times. Lastly, tuck the end part of the wire through the loop.

To unwrap the earphones you just have to loosen the cable and you can do this by pulling the end part of the cable through the loop then slowly pull both ends.

With this technique you don’t have to deal with tangled earphones and when you have to listen to music you just have to get your accessory and detangle it.

>> DIY Trick: How to Prevent Damage to Your Earphones <<

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