DIY Rabbit Hutch Ideas Made From Upcycled Furniture


Looking after rabbits is not always an easy task – especially since they can take up lots of space with all that they require to live a healthy, happy life. That's why finding lots of great DIY ideas is perfect for saving money and saving space when it comes to all things rabbit-related. While you will have to get busy making these awesome designs, it's well worth it and you'll save a lot in the process. First, you're going to  need to look for any old furniture that you have laying around or that you no longer want to use. Then you have to get creative and start thinking of ways that you can put it to good use in the way of a rabbit hutch. Take a look at lots of these ideas for inspiration.

Converting a chest of drawers to a rabbit hutch.



Your parents' old cabinets make a perfect rabbit home.


You can prepare the old furniture to be used as indoor or outdoor rabbit hutches.


You'll never look at furniture in the same way again.



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