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DIY Painted Upholstery

DIY Painted Upholstery

Reupholstering furniture is costly and it is even more expensive if you buy new ones.  A new wing chair can cost you several hundreds and even thousands of dollars. In addition, fabric colors can also be limited so you don’t have lots of choices.

To save money you can buy used chairs and just repaint it. Have a certain chair in mind that you want to have then find used chairs with similar built and features.

Before you start painting prepare the needed materials like 1 quartz if latex (your choice of color), paint brush, 1 spray bottle full of water, fabric medium and acrylic paint same color as the latex.

Clean the chair by wiping it to remove any debris. Next, mix same amount of latex paint and the fabric medium. The fabric medium prevents the fabric from getting stiff and rough.  Before you paint the chair spritz a generous amount of water. The idea here is to wet the surface that you will be painting so don’t be shy when spraying the water. Paint the fabric making sure that the paint is even and blended well. After doing the first coat leave it overnight to dry before applying another coat of paint.

If after painting some areas are rough you can sand to soften those parts.

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