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DIY Mason Jar Terrarium

DIY Mason Jar Terrarium

Mason jar terrarium makes a nice gift for your teachers and even our moms. This plant thrives even without care so even those who don’t have a green thumb can own one. A mason jar terrarium only takes about 30 minutes to make but it can lasts for years and it’s inexpensive to make.

Making the terrarium jar needs a little refinement because you are working on a limited space. You also have the option by placing the jar upside down or the other way around.

What you need are mason jars with lid and small plants.

To start with, clean and dry the jar. If you use soap to clean the jar make sure to clean it thoroughly so you won’t leave any harsh residue that could harm the plant. Remove the lid and get ready to start planting.

Moisten the soil of the plant then gently remove it from the pot but be gentle in handling the plant. Place it inside the jar and cover the roots with soil. To make a finished look to your terrarium you have the option to add moss around the plant. Now your plant is ready.

Care for your terrarium includes exposing it to indirect sunlight and making sure that the soil is moist. If the jar glass is moist this means that there is too much water and you have to remove the lid to dry the soil a bit.

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