DIY: Make a Built-in Bed Using Stock Kitchen Cabinets

How to Make Built in Bed

A big, spacious home boasts many advantages. While this is true, many of us are also fond of cute and small homes. We can even think of its own advantages as well. Perhaps, the best among the list of advantages is that a small yet adequate space is less demanding to maintain. Yup, it's so much easier to clean and do necessary repairs in a small home. It demands less amount of time, money, and energy as compared to bigger ones.

So, what can you conclude— the smaller, the better? No, not really. It depends on how many persons will dwell in it. If it's adequate for you, then, go for it. The challenge though that comes with small homes is how you're going to maximize that limited space you have. You need to carefully plan its interior design. This includes analyzing how you're going to fit all your essential stuff inside while still making the place look spacious.

Some of the techniques that make it work is applying the minimalist approach and arranging multi-purpose furniture and areas. For example, instead of having separate rooms for dining area and kitchen, you can combine these in one adequate space. A shelf or a cabinet can have a study table tucked in the middle. Or a bed and a cabinet in one.

In the link below, we'll show you how you can create a DIY built-in bed for the attic using stock kitchen cabinets. The final output is amazing!

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