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DIY Flower Feature – Made With Words

Paper Flowers From Books

Adding flowers to your décor can brighten any room and definitely elevate your mood. Let’s face it – fresh-cut flowers are ideal, but they wilt and perish easily. And let’s not forget about the mess they leave behind!

It’s amazing how something so simple and easy to make can replace those expensive store-bought flowers while creating a classical ambiance to any room. Vintage paper flowers are frugal, fun to make, and better yet…they last forever! With only a pencil, pair of scissors, and some antique treasures (yes, antique shopping may be in order) this project can be finished in no time!

Step-by-Step Directions

1. Begin by cutting out pages from a vintage book, magazine, or newspaper (black and white ads with photos also look amazing).
2. Start with a 3×3” square section on the page and draw a spiral with wavy lines.
3. Cut the spiral along the lines keeping your strip at least ½” wide.
4. Roll the spiral tight. Next, gently let it unravel until the flower is in desired shape.
5. For extra embellishment, add buttons or gems to the center using a dab of hot glue. Paint or dip the flowers in food coloring to change the flower’s color.

Stunning Display Ideas

Once you have created the flowers, your creative genius is ready for action! There are endless possibilities to display these flowers that are imaginative. Of course, like any craft project, they’re also a great conversation starter.
• Create a centerpiece with branches and adhere the flowers into place.
• Make a wreath using several flowers glued to a Styrofoam or wire circle
• Design a topiary using the flowers
• Place several flowers around pillar candles on a table
Enjoy making your “forever flowers”!

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