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DIY Barn Door Baby Gate

DIY Barn Door Baby Gate

Tired of those plastic baby gates they sell at Target or Wal-Mart? Well here’s how to make a nice, rustic barn door style baby gate all by yourself.

List of Tools:

A miter saw for cutting the lumber to length and the angles

A table saw used for ripping cap to 2 1/4”

A drill

A utility knife

A framing square

Some sand paper

A four inch foam brush

An old rag

A tape measure

A pencil

A sander block

List of Materials:

Six 1x4x96 pine lumbers (actual width is 3 1/2”)

Two 1x6x96 pine boards (actual width is 5 1/2”)

One box of 1 1/4” drywall screws


A Gate latch

A pull handle

Some Wood glue

A Wood stain of you like

Step-By-Step Instructions

1. First cut the front underside rail to the length with the miter saw.

2. Also saw the front top rail to the same length on the miter saw.

3. Saw a back stile to length. Drill in one screw on each corner to attach the back stile to the front rails.

4. Now cut another back stile to length on the miter saw. Screw in one screw on every corner to connect the back stile to the front rails.

5. Next, cut the front stiles to length.  Screw the stiles in through the back stiles.

6. You can now cut the full cross brace to length.  Saw the length and shave of the edges.  Sand and prepare for assembly.

7. Saw the short cross braces.  Follow the directions above, but this time mark along the full cross brace where the short cross braces will end.  Saw to length and shave off the corners and sand.

8. Saw 8 more back stiles.  Screw the stiles into place.

9. Now cut the cap and screw or nail it on.

10. You can now stain the door.

11. You are done with your new barn door baby gate. Play safely!

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Written by knownvalley

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