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Cute Christmas Hats…For Your Eggs!


If you are looking for a new holiday tradition, or perhaps a unique take on your Christmas breakfast décor, then you might want to take a look at these cute, little Christmas hats for your eggs. Yes, it's different and not something that you have ever heard of before but, could be your next holiday meal conversation starter.

These egg Christmas Tree Hats are hand-knitted and will fit right on top of your eggs, most likely hard-boiled eggs. There are two different designs, the one using a dark green yarn, with red decorations and a white pom-pom topper. The other is a white yarn colored hat with light blue decorations and once again, a white pom-pom topper.


This would be perfect for Christmas Breakfast, if you are having hard-boiled eggs, you could place them in these eggs stands and decorate them with the Christmas Hats. When your family and/or other guests arrive they will be delighted to see your hard-boiled eggs dressed in these adorable Christmas hats. Maybe you could even add a little face or die the eggs in a festive green or red color to make them look even more ready for Christmas. To purchase these adorable Christmas Egg Hats, click here.

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