Create Useful Corner Furniture


As you will see in these photos, there are many situations in which you have a room that has odd spacing. Corners especially offer a decorating puzzle, because you need to decide how to fit your television, shelving, and other accessories so that your room truly doesn't look off-balance to say.

The solution is actually quite simple as you can use a piece of furniture that you wouldn't necessarily use for this: a fireplace mantle!

You can purchase a mantle building kit at a home retailer for about $100-$200.


To make it even more “custom” build some corner shelving, or maybe find a piece of furniture that has corner shelving and install them on top of the mantle. Create some holes in the back of the shelves for any wiring that you may need for lamps or electronics. Also, the shelving will help disguise the television wiring from standing out as well.


Then, add some framing to look like a true built-in and will make your television look like it is truly a part of the structure.


You can then add, lamps or any other decorative pieces to make it truly look like a fireplace setting and a great look to the room without actually having a fireplace!



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