Create an Adorable Soap Snowman

Do you have soap leftovers in your bathroom?  Are you finding some ways to use this soap?  Here is a perfect craft project for those soap leftovers that is very timely for the holidays.  All you need are common household materials to make this snowman décor.  Let’s start!


Step 1: soap snowman photo 1  Prepare all the materials needed from the list below.

  • White soap (this could be a new or just a leftover soap)
  • Small bowl
  • Hot water
  • Aluminum foil
  • 3 pieces of toothpick
  • Craft scissor
  • Grater
  • 2 pieces of construction paper – black and red
  • A small piece of red felt
  • 2 pieces of small sequence
  • 3 pieces of medium sequence
  • Several pieces of small beads


Step 2:  soap snowman photo 2  Grate your white soap in a small bowl.  The amount will depend on how big you want your snowman to be.  Make sure to set aside at least 2 teaspoons of this soap, this will be used in the later part as decoration.


Step 3:  soap snowman photo 3  Gradually put hot water on the grated soap.  Mix it in between.  The consistency should be quite thick.


Step 4:  soap snowman photo 4  Mash the soap mixture until it becomes fine.


Step 5:  soap snowman photo 5 Make 2 circles from the soap, one smaller than the other.


Step 6:  soap snowman photo 6 Stick the 2 circles together on top of the other.


Step 7: soap snowman photo 7  Stick a pair of eyes using the small sequence.


Step 8: soap snowman photo 8 Put the small beads forming a smile just below the eyes.


Step 9: soap snowman photo 9  Get one pointed end of the toothpick and stick it on the middle part of the face, in between the eyes and the mouth.  This will be the nose.


Step 10: soap snowman photo 10  Cut a small strip of red felt and wrap this around the neck part of the snowman.


Step 11: soap snowman photo 11  Stick the 3 medium sequences in the middle of the body.  This will be the buttons.


Step 12:  soap snowman photo 12 Make a snowman cap from construction paper.  Roll a small piece of black construction paper and stick it to the red circle construction paper.  The red circle is the brim of the hat.


Step 13:  soap snowman photo 13 Put the hat on the snowman.


Step 14:  soap snowman photo 14  Cut the toothpick into two parts.  This will be his arms.


Step 15:  soap snowman photo 15  Put the pair of toothpick on the side of the body, opposite to each other.  You may also cut a pair of small hands from the black construction paper and stick it to the ends of the toothpick.


Step 16:  soap snowman photo 16 Get the remaining grated soap from step 2.  Scatter this on the table or on the area that you are planning to display the snowman.


Step 17: soap snowman photo 17  Place the snowman on the middle of the grated soap.  Tada!  You can display your new décor.


The soap snowman is a perfect table décor these coming holidays.  This is easy and fun to make in minutes.  Try it out with a friend or a family member!



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