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This Crazy Tower For Goats Has Got The Internet Talking


You might be used to the idea of goats grazing around grasslands and have seen a lot doing so by yourself. What if we tell you, goats have their own towers to climb and play?

Sometime in the 19th century, Fernando Gueded da Silva Fonseca decided to give his livestock a good heritage and after several mind games, he came up with ‘Goat towers’. As you know, the animals are not strangers to heights. Moroccan goats have been seen climbing trees!

But at first, no one recognized the brilliance of his idea; atleast for a century. Charles Black went on a trip and spotted the goat tower. He got inspired and built his own goat tower in South Africa.

The idea got spread and made it to the columns of some magazines. That’s how David Johnson, an owner of goat farm in Shelby county came to know about these towers and he decided to make a similar one. He made it and now we have another goat tower (Locally called as ‘Tower of Baa’) in Findlay, Illinious, USA. It is the reportedly the highest goat tower standing 9.5 meters tall and strong. The people who cross the Shelby county’s highway will definitely admire the beauty of ‘Baa’.

Here's the feast to your eyes – A glimpse of goat tower in Illinious, USA!

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