Cop Finds Baby in Hot Car, Shatters Window. Pulls Baby to Safety, Learns He’s Made Horrible Mistake


After being alerted by a 911 call about a baby left alone in a car, Lt. Jason Short didn't hesitate to take action, considering it was a scorching 90-degree day. He arrived at a shopping plaza parking lot in Keene, New Hampshire and searched for the reported car.

Upon finding out, he peeped through the car window and saw little feet sticking out under the blanket laid on the seat. Apparently, this was the baby he was looking for.

He was left with no choice but to break the car window to rescue the poor child. Afraid that the baby might already be overheated, he quickly hit the window with his baton and pulled the baby out. Shortly after, he called an ambulance.

The baby's skin looked blotchy and pale. So he started performing CPR rescue breaths. But, he noticed something strange. Responding to his gut feeling, he pushed his finger to the baby's mouth. What he found out blew his mind.

So, what did he discover? Unfortunately, the child wasn't alive. It wasn't alive at all. That's because it wasn't a real baby in the first place! The cop was deceived. It was actually an unbelievably realistic-looking baby doll, also known as “reborn” doll which costs thousands of dollars.


Its owner Carolynne Seiffert was just getting a haircut while this attention-stealing situation was going on without her slightest knowledge. She came out, only to find out that her new car's window got smashed and her baby doll was in the hands of a police officer.


Seiffert got really mad about the incident. On the other hand, Short reasoned that he never thought it was just a doll. It looked like a real baby. So, his reaction was only natural.

Meanwhile, the police department reminded everyone who has a reborn doll to be responsible owners so as to avoid unnecessary panic and tension when it's mistaken for a real child.

Good thing; a real baby wasn't hurt after all.

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