Eating eggs is good for the body as it has good nutritional values. It also helps that eggs are just a great pair to almost any dish and is essential in most cooking and recipes. But despite that, it is important to know if the eggs you have are of good quality.

Can you tell the difference between a good quality produced egg from a bad one?

Take this story for example: A woman bought eggs from three different places. The first was from a local farmer, the second carton was from the market and the eggs were from pure grain fed free range chickens. The third carton of eggs was bought at one of those big chain supermarkets.

She took the eggs home and decided to cook them. She took the eggs from the first carton and cracked them into a frying pan. She then did the same with the eggs from the second carton.

After cracking eggs from the first two cartons into the frying pan, she took the eggs from the big chain supermarket and cracked them into the pan as well. It was then, with all three eggs cracked into the pan, that she noticed the difference between the three.

The egg that came from the farmer was a rich orange in color, while the other two eggs were a dull yellow.

The orange yolk from the first egg is the type of egg that you want to eat as it has more nutritional value, more omega-3s and vitamins yet less cholesterol, as the two different yolk colors are heavily influenced by the diet of the hen.

Free-range hens have a more varied diet such as grains, bugs, and other organic matters. This factor tends to produce eggs with more flavor and richer color compared to hens that are in the factory.

The healthier the hen is, the better the eggs are, too, making it better for your health as well.

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